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Divine Conversation

Divine Conversation

Humans have been created to be communicative beings; it is in fact what it means to be human. We were created with a mouth for speech, faces with the ability to express and bodies that can reveal how we feel; these are all innate tools for our communication. But throughout history we also have developed our ability to correspond, inventing devices that allow us to communicate more efficiently. Ancient civilization created parchment that allowed written communication and made letter writing possible for the first time. Alexander Graham Bell is credited with inventing the first practical telephone. Then came cell phones and the Internet, which made way for texting and social media.

In fact we live in a time like never before, where thousands of years of development now make it possible for us to communicate with people in an instant. From texting to social media, today it is possible to communicate with someone whenever you would like. It is quick and it is constant. I have heard people complaining that this constant communication is excessive and annoying. Arguing against this opinion will not benefit us in this post, but I would like to point out that there seems to be a desire in human beings to constantly be in communication with others. I believe this instinct, if you will, is because we are image bearers of God.

God is a communicative God and desires to communicate with us, and might I add, that His message is constant and continuous in nature; there is never a time when God is not communicating with human beings. He has done so in a variety of ways from creation (Ps. 19:1), Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16), to the ultimate Word, which is Christ (Heb. 1:1-2). In one way or another God is always communicating. Look down at the flowers and hear Him speak of his creativity. Read the Proverbs and hear Him speak of His wisdom. Look to Jesus and hear Him speak of His love.

Jonathan Edwards wrote that the whole universe was a revelation of the divine being. God desires friendship with His creation and friendship requires conversation. The result of this divine conversation is an “increasing knowledge of God, love to Him, and joy in Him.” So, those who enter into “friendly conversation” with God will be changed as a result of the communication. This change comes because of what God is communicating to us, namely His glory and beauty. How can we converse with the glory and beauty of the Lord and not be changed?

This constant and continuous conversation with God is so important that the Apostle Paul tells us to pray continually. (1 Thess. 5:17) So while we are participating in the natural and God-given activity of communication, let us never forget that this God given gift was ultimately given in order for us to communicate with Him. Listen, you can hear Him. Speak, He is listening. Join the divine conversation.

Pastor Neil