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Current Series

Jars of Clay
Wednesdays at 6:30pm

“The old adage, ‘You can’t judge the value of an item by the package that it comes in’ is certainly true for Christians. Like a valuable treasure buried in the dirt or a pearl within an ugly oyster, the human container does not reflect the value of the Gospel.” * 2 Corinthians 4 tells us that we have the Gospel in earthen vessels that he calls jars of clay, and because our human bodies are weak and frail we are subject to many weakness while holding the treasure of the Gospel within us. But Paul writes this chapter to demonstrate that no matter how weak we are, the power of God keep the containers of the Gospel from being destroyed in order for us to spread the Gospel and the kingdom of God.

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30 as we delve into this chapter to find out how this all applies to our lives today and how we can be confident in the Gospel that resides in Jars of Clay.

*MacArthur, John. “2 Corinthians.” 2003, pp. 137-138. The MacArthur New Testament Commentary.