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NightLight Series

Death By Living

We look to the past and wonder what brought us here. We try to peer into the future and wonder what will be. But the reality is that we stand in the present, the here and now, and we ponder what we are to be and what we are to do. We know that we are to glorify God and enjoy him forever, to die to ourselves daily, but what does that mean for the things of the earth that are all around us? God says we are to rejoice, love, and use life up because we are to live. So how do we treasure God and live life up? One of the ways we do this is to enjoy the gifts God has given to us.

Sweet ice tea. The state fair. College football. Scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. How do we fit these things into a life that desires to treasure Jesus above everything else? Do the things of the earth grow strangely dim or does God intend for us to enjoy these things?

In this series we will hopefully bring a breath of fresh air to Christians who are burdened under false standards and misguided notions of holiness. We will find the middle ground of the Bible between idolatry on one hand and ingratitude on the other, this is a much needed series and we hope that you will join us at NightLight, Sunday nights at 6:00pm for Death By Living.

-Death By Living by ND Wilson, Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2013
-The Things of the Earth by Joe Rigney, Crossway Publishing, 2015
-Desiring God by John Piper, Multnomah Books, 1986
-The Pleasures of God by John Piper, Multnomah, 1991